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Google and the Importance of SSL


A new feature for Google Chrome has been announced by by Emily Schechter, Google Chrome’s Security Product Manager. It was mentioned in a blog post that a new feature that includes marking HTTP sites as “not secure” will be implemented from July 2018 onwards.

Currently, Google Chrome browsers already include marking secure sites with HTTPS with their signature green lock icon as well as indicating it as “Secure”. The difference being clearly indicating unencrypted sites as a warning to potential users.

This feature has been a long time coming, where Google have been constantly coming down on unencrypted sites. This feature effectively strongly encourage sites for all purposes to get secured and starting using a HTTPS encryption.

In addition, the security of your site can affect your ranking on Google. This gives an added incentive for those with a strong reliable encryption to be ranked better as compared to those without. This would drastically affect a site’s SEO efforts as well, where Google will give secure sites precedence.

As we ourselves run our very own website, we recognize the need for a safe, secure and reliable platform to conduct our business on. That is why we provide services to strengthen your website security through various means.

Here at Login Media, our web developers will ensure the security of your website through the installation of SSL certificates.

The security of a website is largely determined by the presence of a SSL certificate, or a Secure Socket Layer. This feature is particularly crucial in creating a safe environment for ecommerce sites to allow customers to carry out their purchases and transactions.

The security of a customer’s personal information and credit card details has to be top priority as this prevents anyone from intercepting the information and using it for their own malicious means. Which is a very real possibility if the site you are using simply contain a HTTP web protocol.

Thus this is one of the key ways in encrypting your site to better protect you and your customer’s interests. As well as allowing you to boost your site’s ranking on Google, there isn’t really much to lose with this as it seems to be a win win situation for all parties. Well except the hackers of course, good riddance!

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