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What is the purpose of a Logo Design?

First and foremost, your company logo is a representation of your company’s brand. Its purpose is to include your company’s key values in a symbol that is easily recognizable. Logo design Singapore trends come and go; however, your logo generally remains the same throughout the years. Therefore, in order to help your company stay at the top of the game. We utilize evergreen concepts of design. Not only utilizing concepts of Logo design Singapore loves, but logo design that are timeless and always relevant.

Let us take your logo to the next level

The very screen you are reading off right now, contains some form of logo design. Be it that of Google, Facebook or Apple. Everyone knows them as the mega conglomerates they are today.
Look around you now, and you can probably count up to 10 different logos design Singapore has without trying too hard. Logos influence your customers’ decision, and shout out your company’s values, and are often full of meaning.

As a result, it is important to create one that is: aesthetically attractive, successfully conveys your company values, easily recognizable logo design which is easy to remember, and it helps your company stand out among your competitors.

As such, at Login Media, here are some of the important considerations we take note, in a company logo design Singapore context:

A more fun and lively touch?


A corporate feel?

A feeling of trustworthiness?


Here is what we offer you at Login Media Marketing and why we should be the one you should approach for your design queries:

Professional Experience
Our in-house design experts boasts graphic and logo design experience done from numerous companies such as [insert company names, updated later

Quick responses & delivery
As business owners ourselves, we understand that your time is valuable. As such, we pride ourselves in responding quickly to any queries you might have, while delivering your projects promptly.

We bring your ideas to live
If you can dream it, we can design it.

Its all yours
You own the copyrights to your logo. Forever.

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