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Career with us

Here at Login Media Marketing we strive to bring you the best services through our highly competent and effective team. We are looking for individuals who works well in a team while being willing to improve and learn along the way. Having the initiative to ask and being receptive to feedback are also qualities that are appreciated, which would promote an efficient and cohesive working environment.

Currently these are the positions which are open and available to apply for:

  • Full Time Web Developer Needed
  1. What we are looking for are individuals who have prior experience in website development and the various programming languages. A meticulous work ethic is required to ensure all details and contents will be properly managed.
  2. As a Google Partner, we deal with Google advertising campaigns which would be one of the main job scopes for any prospective applicants. Training would be provided for the relevant management of the Google and Facebook campaigns, so prior experience is not necessary
  3. Proficiency in Photoshop or graphic designing skills are also needed for the creation of digital marketing graphic materials for advertising purposes.
  4. Subsequently, the tasks of our Web Developer would include:
    – designing and maintaining of digital marketing materials
    – developing of websites
    – managing of Google/ Facebook campaigns

Why is a Web Developer important?

In this digital age, we recognize that a big majority of us spend a lot of time online. Which is why a compelling and attractive website is key to engaging and sustaining your viewer’s attention. A properly developed and maintained website would establish your business’ credibility for your customers to appreciate. With more and more companies choosing to advertise and run their business online, being able to design and effectively program a working website would be crucial in this society. It is one of the many services we provide as well.

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