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What is an animated explainer video

Engage your audience with easy to understand animated infographics!
An animated explainer video is a short-animated video, focusing on explaining your products or services in a simple, easy to understand way.

Some examples of animated explainer videos Singapore have produced includes: A dengue fever prevention video by the People’s association and even a fire safety production by FM one.

At Login Media, we tailor your videos to fit the Singapore consumer market, producing animated explainer video Singapore understands.

Win more business with explainer videos!

Simply put, an explainer video explains complicated concepts in easy to understand formats, helping customers better understand your products and services. Concepts are explained point by point in exciting visuals, audio clips and animation effects. Designed to keep your customers engaged.

It is also a sales video which convinces your customers to take action to contact / purchase from you.

With advertising everywhere we look, it’s no wonder customers nowadays have a decreasing attention span. This results in an increasing number of companies looking for more effective ways to deliver their message.

As digital marketing experts specializing in the SME market, we understand this. Which is why we produce some of the most affordable explainer video Singapore has, designed to help take your business to the next level!


Experienced in SMEs
Specializing in the SME market, our animated explainer videos Singapore promises to effectively communicate your message to your audience.
Our experience in various industries also helps us understand what works and what doesn’t for your company.

Trendy Designs without an expiry date
We pride ourselves in consistently producing innovative designs current with the times.
Our research in your industry ensures your design stays ever green and never goes out of date.

Long Term Working Relationships
Login Media maintains a close watch for any relevant opportunities to improve on a project accordingly even after execution and will proactively provide you with feedback.

Great Design, High Conversion Rates
While attractive designs are important, we understand sales is important too!
Therefore, we ensure your designs not only impress, but encourages customers to take action to Call / Email / Purchase from you!

It’s all yours
You own the copyrights to your explainer video. Forever.

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