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Digital marketing refers to a cohesive term for all marketing efforts online. Many businesses in today’s increasingly connected world are moving away from traditional methods such as advertising on newspaper, radio, TV, magazines. etc. And leveraging on digital channels as Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Display Network (GDN), Video ads on Youtube, including Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and other various mediums.

The reality is that customers no matter which industry they are in, are spending much more time online compared to a mere 2 years ago! In fact, as recent as 2015, less than 40% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. However, in 2017, that number has increased to at least 60% – 85%.
This also means that consumer behaviour in terms of how customer shop has significantly changed, rendering offline marketing less effective as what it was a mere 2 years ago.

The purpose of marketing throughout the ages has always been about connecting with customers, especially at the right place and time. In today’s ever-connected world, it means your business needs to reach customers where they are at – on the internet and social media.

Accurately Measure Results

Compared to traditional forms of marketing as stated above, perhaps the most effective point of marketing is that it allows them to see accurate results in real time. e.g. If you have given out flyers before, you know how difficult it is to determine how many people have actually read or kept your flyer. Let alone, attribute any increase in sales to it.

With digital marketing, you are able to measure exactly how many people have seen your ad, clicked or interacted with it, and if you have an online shop, you can even measure accurately how much sales were made as a result of your digital marketing campaign. As a digital marketing company Singapore, we are able to provide you with accurate insights into what makes your customers tick.

Extremely High Outreach

The consumption of Digital Marketing in Singapore is increasing tremendously. Did you know, that 88% of Singaporeans say that the internet is the first place they look for information. 65% of transaction start online.

Keyword searches on Google are also increasing every month, if you sell a product or service, you can be sure that customers are searching for it on Google. Contact us to find out what exactly the number of searches in your industry each month!

Connect with customers on their mobile

Did you know, we check our phones an average of 150 times per day.
We spent 5+ Hrs online per day
60% of that time on mobile
65% of all transactions start on mobile

Increase Leads for your business

As customers are starting to ignore traditional forms of marketing, such as TV, radio, newspaper ads, they are increasingly responding well to online forms.

With this, businesses take to digital marketing to not only increase their branding and awareness of their company but also to increase conversions and leads.

Digital marketing in Singapore is popular, however at Login Media, we take it one step further by increasing not just visits to your website, but increasing leads (Calls, Enquiries, Store Visits. etc) Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Track customers throughout the entire buying journey.

Online marketing has one huge benefit. As a digital marketing company Singapore, we understand the concerns of businesses. With tools such as Google analytics, we are able to track the customers from the moment they visit your website, all the way till the point of purchase. Having this data, we are able to know what is your customer’s actions, preferences and decision-making process. Enabling you to have great insights to your audience’s buying behaviour.

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