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Long-Term Working Relationship

we believe in long term working relationship, this is how we grow with our clients.

Optimizing For Opportunities

we size every chance to optimize for opportunities for your business, research for more success stories in order to grow your business

Gaining Profit From Campaign

all marketing campaigns only comes back to one objectives, growing the business.

Innovative Ideas To Campaigns

we are not know it all, technology evolves, and changes every other day, we never allow ourself to slack behind the latest technology.

No Down Time In Responding To Queries

we are quick on responding to clients, no matter when ans where are we, we make sure client get a peace of mind when letting us handle their campaign.

Defination of “Login” | noun, Also, log-in, logon
the act of logging in to a database, mobile device, or computer, especially a multiuser computer or a remote or networked computer system.

In today’s technological age, every action to a digital world requires a “Login-In”.
That is the meaning behind the company name “Login Media Marketing” .
To signify us connecting you to the digital world.

We are a digital marketing consultancy based in Singapore, appointed and authorized by Google. We work with only the top performing & leading digital platforms in the world to help you achieve your objective, whether it is branding / increasing sales online.

We are a team of passionate and experienced group of digital consultants. All individuals are Google & Social Media certified, trained and experienced, and continuously improving our expertise, to better help our clients

As Digital Consultants, we help to Analyse your current plans,
provide Consultations and Plan an effective Digital Marketing Plan to Maximise your ROI.

As business owners as well, we truly understand how every cent counts for marketing budget. And truly, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to successful digital marketing, as all businesses are different.

We Listen

We listen to what are your business objectives

we analyze

we analyze market trends and competitor’s movement.

we propose

we propose the best practice in the platform in order to meet your objectives.

We execute &
optimize further

executing the campaign is not enough, we further monitor on daily basic and making sure tweaking and optimizing will further improve the campaign.

Let us share a quick story of how we decided to focus on driving Leads.

During the early stages of our career, we were meeting multiple SMEs a day, and we noticed a common trend. Many of them had engaged other agencies to manage their digital marketing, and after a few bad experiences, had the impression that digital marketing doesn’t work!

Does this sound like someone you know?

“I spent over $10,000 on SEM & SEO with 3 other agencies, but don’t see any good results”
“I have agencies calling me every few days, all the services are the same”

Many business owners end up with bad experiences from other agencies, or by their own inexperience when trying to do it themselves / their marketing staff.
So, we decided to delve deeper, and asked questions like:

“what do you mean you don’t see any good results? ”
“what does the agency say about the results? ”
Here’s what we found:
Many agencies will simply deliver Clicks & Traffic to the website, but here’s the truth!
“More clicks/web traffic doesn’t mean more Sales!”

This is how we differentiated ourselves from day 1.
Instead of focusing on delivering more clicks / web traffic, we focused on delivering LEADS.

You will be meeting up with experts who can sit down with you to discuss your business objectives, share with you the latest market trends, and competitor analysis of your industry.
A team of Web designers, Copywriters, User Experience specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist will then work out a digital marketing plan & Sales Landing Page that is customized to your company.
And there you have it!

A customized digital marketing plan, 24/7 Sales Landing Page and Digital ads to provide you with a constant flow of leads!

Wish To Find Out More? Let’s Meetup & Talk!

Google Certified
Search Engine Optimisation & Content Marketing Certified
Website and Mobile User Experience Certified

Areas of Specialization:
Digital Media Planning & Execution for SMEs.

Marcus is the co-founder of Login Media Marketing. Since the early stages of his career, he has been meeting personally with business owners and noticed a common problem; That many of whom have already tried some form of Google or Facebook advertising, and received many visitors to their website. But a large majority simply did not convert into leads.

Understanding this to be a common problem faced, this then became the underlying philosophy which the company was built on.

The company begun to grow and the company’s clientele doubled year on year, as their customers’ saw the effects of generating leads, and having their sales grow as well.

Marcus is in charge of lead generation and operations, ensuring all campaigns meet and exceed client’s expectation. He also still meets with businesses personally, to walk them through their digital media marketing.
He specialises in areas of Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Website Analytics. He is also an accredited Google Adwords, and Google Analytics Certified professional.

Certified in WordPress Website Creation
Certification in Adwords Fundamentals
Certification in Search Advertising
Certification in Mobile Advertising
Certification in Youtube Advertising
Certification in Google Analytics
Certification in Google Advance Display Network
NICF – Social Media Marketing

Staff knowledge is very important, not only we are trained, we continue to explore the many ways of digital in order to provide the best solution for our clients. My past experience teaches me that knowing what your clients needs and wants is very important, being able to explain and educate our client with our best knowledge has been the reason why our clients has been with us since we started. Our effort pays off when clients constantly refer new clients to us, trusting us with their marketing campaigns.

Jusmin, the co-founder of Login Media Marketing. Started her advertising career since 2010. She developed a passion in Digital Marketing since then, helping clients achieve their goal and objectives has been her satisfactions to continue serving her clients so far. She continue to upgrade herself by attending courses that would help in achieving goals and objective of clients.

She founded Login Media Marketing in 2016, within 1 year, the company has been Google, Facebook and Sph credited partner. She also learns how to develop websites that generates leads rather than just show casing the company profile. She wish to help her clients like the way she has done for Login Media Marketing. She continue to train her staffs, making sure her staffs are up to date to all digital way marketings.

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