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Why you need the Website Copywriting Singapore companies all require

Just like the very text you are seeing before you, Website Copywriting Services are crucial to freshen up your website content. After creating the website you need for your business, the next step is to fill it up with content that is relevant, engaging and effective. One reason why the Website Copywriting Singapore companies require is crucial, is mainly to effectively convince their potential customers to acquire their services.

There are many cases where website traffic is just that, casual site visits with no further actions taken. Think about it, the multitude of site visitors that simply browse and leave the site, all of which could have been a potential business opportunity. This is what we in the industry label as “Bounce rate”.

Fun fact:

Did you know, the average bounce rate of a website in today’s world is a staggering 55%? This means that for every 10 people that visit your website, 5 of them leave without fully utilizing the services and products you provide.

That is HALF of your potential clientele gone just like that, all with a click of a mouse! That is why compelling and impactful content input is extremely crucial to convert any passer-by to your next customer. This is where we step in.

Why us?

Having text in your website merely for the sake of it is not enough to attract any potential business. Your content has to be fresh, customized to your needs while also packing a punch, to effectively maximise the rates of your company’s services being acquired by customers.

This is why the Website Copywriting Services we provide at Login Media is the one stop solution you require for your website’s needs.

As the saying goes: The pen is mightier than the sword. In this case, the words you choose to put on your website can make or break your business. With the numerous competitors you might face, it is important to stand out from the rest. What better way than to fight off competitors with powerful copywriting content to effectively capture your site visitor’s attention and retain it for the long run.

Contact us and engage our affordable copywriting services to spruce up your customized website content. Come down for a chat and help us understand the exact nature of the content you require today!

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