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“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries’
Neville Brody

Web banners are the first thing people see when they land on your page
It can be used for multiple purposes including:

Showcasing a new product. 
Example: Gillette showcasing their new Flexball Technology

Announcing a Sale.
Example: IKEA Singapore

A web banner serves many purposes:

Visually attractive and impress your customers

A web banner professional designed not only makes your website stand out and impresses your customers. Just like entering the doors of a 6 star hotel impress you, a well-designed web banner gives the same effect the moment your website loads. Which is why we strive to not only provide some of the best Web banner design Singapore has, but to help convert your customers into sales.

A chance to shout out your product

Have a new product launch? A new service? How about shouting out your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) a web banner design allows you to showcase that as the first thing you customers see. Providing a strong visual impact.

Sale is coming!

A bright, colourful and visually attractive web banner demands attention. Having a sale? A great opportunity to use the web banner design to Shout it out!

Portrays your company’s values

Visually, a well designed web banner gives your website the kind of culture and values your company stand for. Do your company stand for fun and modern? Or trustworthy? A web banner design is guaranteed to portray that to your customers.

A Call to Action

At Login Media, we understand that sales are important too. Therefore unlike multiple web banner design Singapore has, we guarantee that yours stands out, with a convincing call to action, getting your customers to call / enquire / purchase from you.


Experienced in SMEs
Specializing in the SME market, our graphic and flyer design Singapore promises to effectively communicate your message to your audience.
Our experience in various industries also helps us understand what works and what doesn’t for your company.

Trendy Designs without an expiry date
We pride ourselves in consistently producing innovative designs current with the times.
Our research in your industry ensures your design stays ever green and never goes out of date.

Long Term Working Relationships
Login Media maintains a close watch for any relevant opportunities to improve on a project accordingly even after execution and will proactively provide you with feedback.

Great Design, High Conversion Rates
While attractive designs are important, we understand sales is important too!
Therefore, we ensure your designs not only impress, but encourages customers to take action to Call / Email / Purchase from you!

It’s all yours
You own the copyrights to your web banner design. Forever.

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