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With customers reading reviews about companies, find out how our services can protect your online image.

What is Online Reputation Management about?

ORM is the process of enabling individuals or companies reflect a position image of themselves to the public online. Which means, controlling what internet users can find when they search the internet about yourself/your business.

At Login Media Marketing, we protect your reputation, brand and your company’s image online by ensuring that the information found is accurate, not misleading and overall, maintaining a positive image to public.

Facing Any Of These Issues?

  Negative news reports that compromise your reputation?
  Negative feedback online about your company / product / services?
  Malicious feedback written by competition posing as customers?
  Any posts online with intention to malign, threaten or blackmail you?


Being in the online marketing industry, we understand your concerns…

Unlike many other ORM companies in Singapore, we use very effective strategies to purge out and remove any negative stuff online.

We provide monthly reports of what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

Having performed SEO for over 400+ clients, we understand the right methods & strategies. We can push negative reviews down to the 2nd Page of lower, while simultaneously boosting positive reviews and posts to the 1st page.

We are also able to remove certain negative posts whenever necessary.

Besides this, we have an arsenal of ammunition that can help you see good results as quickly as in 3 months.

If not attended to, negative reviews / malicious material can remain on the internet and seen by the masses. And with social media, these posts (even if untrue) can spread like wild fire. Imagine the long-term effect of this.
It is thus highly advisable not to ignore these, and to quickly turn the negative into positive ones..

Even if customers didn’t experience it themselves, they will be influenced by other people’s reviews, and thus form such perceptions of our brand as well.

ORM can be on-going too !

However, ORM is not just about practising ‘Damage Control’ Overall, we can help you improve your image online to public. – after all your business is here to stay, why not ensure your reputation is as well!

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