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What is a Brochure Design?

Everyday on our daily commute, we have encountered some form of brochure design. Some brochure design Singapore usually displays includes: corporate brochures, education, banking, travel packages and property real estate brochures.

Most brochure design Singapore companies offers, are used as a mini sales deck and no detailed descriptions of their products and services.
One example is to exhibit or advertise the specifications and features of the latest model of car brand X that has just been launched. Or a new travel package to Europe by a travel agency, detailing the itinerary and different costs and discounts available for that package. Brochure design contents are up to the discretion of companies, usually printed and folded into several folds and pages.

Specializing in Brochure Designs for SMEs

As mentioned, the information printed on brochures tend to be more detailed, covering more aspects of a product.

Usually used for multiple future references, the typical life span of brochures exceeds that of flyers, which would require them to be made of a sturdier grade of paper and printed in color to prevent the information from fading.
Its longevity usually determines how readily they are to be handed out to potential clientele, due to the higher production costs required. The content and physical quality of the brochure can also differentiate yourself from competitors, indicating the company’s reliability in quality control.
Thus, a proper designer and appropriate brochure production is desired to exhibit your quality assurance. Look no further as our designers at Login Media can offer you just that.

What is a FLYER Design?

When it comes to informative print material, there is a clear distinction between brochures and flyers. Unlike brochures, flyer design Singapore companies distribute flyers that are single sided and of a smaller size. A short term or limited period only promotion is what flyer design Singapore companies usually utilize flyers for. Such as a 2 for 1 deal at a fast food restaurant for a limited time, or even discounts offered at a new store which had just opened for business.

Specializing in Flyer Designs for SMEs

A Flyer design is made to present small bite sized chunks of information to customers. To get them to take a call for action, such as calling / emailing / purchasing from you.

Many flyer design Singapore has, do not achieve this! As such, their flyers are often thrown away / ignored without even being read or simply after glancing through.

This is where we step in. At Login Media, we ensure an attractive design, with a strong call for action to achieve a high conversion rate for your flyer, getting people to take action to call / email / purchase from you to encourage sales.


Experienced in SMEs
Specializing in the SME market, our graphic and flyer design Singapore promises to effectively communicate your message to your audience.
Our experience in various industries also helps us understand what works and what doesn’t for your company.

Trendy Designs without an expiry date
We pride ourselves in consistently producing innovative designs current with the times.
Our research in your industry ensures your design stays ever green and never goes out of date.

Long Term Working Relationships
Login Media maintains a close watch for any relevant opportunities to improve on a project accordingly even after execution and will proactively provide you with feedback.

Great Design, High Conversion Rates
While attractive designs are important, we understand sales is important too!
Therefore, we ensure your designs not only impress, but encourages customers to take action to Call / Email / Purchase from you!

It’s all yours
You own the copyrights to your name card design. Forever.

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