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Being a Home Furnishing Company with over 10 years of experience, Company X wanted to expand their Social Media Reach and boost their sales revenue. To do so, they decided to dive into another approach to market and advertise their company, namely: Digital Marketing.

Without any experience on Digital Marketing, they approached us to help.

How Login Media Helped:
Company X first approached us to better understand the world of digital marketing and how it would benefit their cause.

Upon confirmation of a Budget, Goals & KPI, they left their brand new digital marketing campaign in our hands to manage.

However with every Digital Marketing Campaign, the biggest initial problem one would face would be having zero presence in the digital world, with no reviews or followings whatsoever. The challenge was then to build their brand up from scratch, spreading the awareness about the services and products offered by our client.

With conscious planning, analysis and thorough discussions between both parties, Company X’s Digital Marketing campaign managed to build up their Digital presence and eventually leads while lowering their Cost per Lead along the way.

This enabled them to maximise their marketing budget, getting the most out of their campaign’s reach, generating not only clicks & likes but leads as well.

Eventually generating a positive ROI! 

Here at Login Media, we strive to work hand in hand with our clients. We will first get a better understanding of your objectives and aims to make the best decisions moving forward for your digital marketing needs. After all, we want to make the most out of your designated advertising budget, ensuring it converts into sales as our end goal.

*Disclaimer: All campaigns varies in results. We are dedicated to help clients bring in leads. However past performance are not indicative of future returns.

To find out more about how we do it and our approach to Digital Marketing, call our hotline or send us an email today!

In the past, many property agents have been running their own Facebook campaigns by posting and eventually boosting the post. As Facebook Adverts targeting options starts to evolve, agents finds it harder to target and get the results they have before.
Therefore our clients has turn to us, allowing us to manage their digital campaign.
We eventually help client to get constant results without burning a hole in their pocket by hiring a third party agency

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